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What is Factoring ?

Factoring is the service where you 'sell' your debtor invoice. As a result, you do not incur any more debtor risk (when will my debtor pay me?). You can also decide which invoices we accept from you. Factoring is a perfect solution with optimum flexibility; it gives you directly the money you need to make your business grow.

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For our services, we charge a fixed percentage of your invoice.

After an meeting and discussions we analyze your financial situation and tell you whether factoring has potential for your business.

Your Situation

You want to grow your business, but because debtors pay late, your liquidity position is constantly under pressure. By directly transferring your invoices to Hamilton Factoring, you will immediately improve your financial position because we often pay the sum on the same day. As an independent factoring service provider, we pay up to 95%* of the invoice amount, where banks average is up to 70-80%. With Hamilton Factoring, you'll never be surprised and you will never worry about your debtors again. If you want to know if factoring fits your company, please contact us or fill out the contact form on the site.

(* Depending on the agreed factor rate)

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Hamilton Factoring

With our many years of financial expertise, we know how important it is for entrepreneurs to focus on entrepreneurship and not worry about debt management or liquidity.

Through our services, we make business easier for you;

1. Direct payment of your invoices.

Because Hamilton Factoring is willing to take over all your invoices and usually pays within one day, you have direct liquidity. This allows you to take and fulfill new orders or make use of better purchase discounts without worrying about sufficient working capital.

2. Debtors management

If it wished for, Hamilton Factoring can also take care of your relations with debtors. In addition, the invoices can also directly be collected from your client. To avoid confusion, this only happens in close cooperation with you and your company. We can also take care of possible misunderstandings with your debtors.

We make sure to use a correct handling of your debtors, keeping in mind that your good relationship with debtors is not be compromised.

3. Credit risk.

Our services provide credit insurance, ensuring all transferred claims and the credit risk associated with it. In case of a bankruptcy of your debtor, you will no longer be at risk.

Hamilton Factoring first reviews your debtor for creditworthiness. After your debtor's ranking and our approval, we can take over your invoice and pay up to 95%* .

The correct factoring percentage associated with the payment period offered by you to your customer (30 - 60 - 90 days) will be sent to you as soon as you have signed up with Hamilton Factoring.

What kind of invoices do we take over?

  • All undisputed claims for finished performances
  • There is no minimum amount
  • Your debtor has been assessed by Hamilton Factoring as creditworthy, with the maximum amount of claim (s) being able to reach the secured insured credit line.

(* Depending on the agreed factor rate)

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